Our team are skilled in utilising many types of finishes to suit any design requirements.


We employ many different methods to deliver a unique finish to your living or working space.



Stencils give the client the ability to choose from an endless array of colours and designs. Whether it's a stencil to display a particular era, trend or passion, we can source or customise a design to suit your taste and space. 

Picture: Azu Bespoke Finishes


Metal Leaf Gilding

Gilding is the height of handcrafted finishes. Azu Bespoke Finishes can provide metal leaf application using Gold, White Gold, Copper, Silver or Aluminium. We can even use a process of oxidation to tarnish the surface to create a truly unique finish!

Picture: Azu Bespoke Finishes


Custom Finishes

If there's a finish you've seen and just have to have, show us and we'll create it for you..... or something even better!

Picture: Azu Bespoke Finishes

Painted Finishes

Whether it's creating a french wash, ombre wall, copper, silver, metallic, flat, matt, the choices are endless when it comes to painted designs. click on the samples page to inspire you. 

Picture: Azu Bespoke Finishes



We offer many different forms and types




To see more of our Stencilling work please refer to the Stencilling section of our website.


Metal Leaf Gilding

Masters in the application of metal leaf gilding techiniques




To see more of our Metal Leaf Gilding work please refer to the Metal Leaf Gilding section of our website.


Custom / Bespoke Designs

We work with customers to help deliver any out of the ordinary design




To see more of our Bespoke work please refer to the Bespoke section of our website.