To deliver thoughtful, beautiful and liveable spaces


Azu Bespoke Finishes employs the best painters and artisans using the most suitable products in order to elevate your space to the next level.


Colour & Finish Consulting

As an added extra service, we can guide you through the process of selecting the right finish and colour palette for your projects. Complete with detailed specifications and sample boards. 

Metal Leaf Gilding

whether it be a 24krt gold leaf wall, a copper chimney breast or a classic silver leaf stencil. We provide a metal leaf service like no other using traditional and modern techniques. This is a truly magical and unique finish. 


Whilst wallpaper is beautiful, stencils allow your individuality to shine! Select from a large range of ready made designs, alternatively allow us to create a custom design that truly expresses your style. 


Using a range of skills, contemporary or traditional finishes with organic paints, pigmented plasters, stencils, metal leaf, swarovski crystals, metal based paints..... the list goes on and on. The world is your oyster!



Have a new or existing commercial shop or office space in need of a revamp? We also provide specialist & general painting services to small and larger commercial business'.




We believe home really is where the heart is. Azu Bespoke Finishes make it their mission to provide you with a peaceful painting service for your home. Whether you have a heritage listed home, new architectural build or existing dwelling, we want to be involved in your project.